The Official Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride
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πŸŽ— 2021 Suggested Ride Route

πŸŽ— Take part in our social group ride (official start 10am at The Pioneer Tavern)
or sit back and enjoyΒ a leisurelyΒ rideΒ at your own pace.
πŸŽ—Β You can choose your own route if you like, be sure to return toΒ The Pioneer by 4pm
for our presentation and for the afternoon prize presentation
πŸŽ—Β Take part in the 'trivia' quiz online

πŸŽ—Β Great prizes to win* and we even have a 'wooden spoon' award!Β 
πŸŽ— Suggested ride route is online only - please use GPS or print out a map!Β 
(approx. 1.5hr ride to Wollongong and 2hr return ride via Bald Hill)

*You must be present at The Pioneer at our 4pm presentation to win a prize.

Pioneer Tavern to Northgong Hotel
Suggested Route -

Northgong Hotel to Pioneer Tavern via Bald Hill
Suggested Ride Route -

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