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🎗 Where your donations go!

🎗Thank you to all the riders and sponsors who helped raise much-needed funds on the 2017 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride.

For more details visit the 2017 event page.

This year for our 18th event your generous donations will assist
Westmead BCI in achieving the following; 


Translation and supply of 7 of the most requested BCI patient fact sheets topics:

1/ Radiation Therapy
2/ Surgery for Early Breast Cancer
3/ Sentinel Node Biopsy
4/ Breast Reconstruction 
5/ Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
6/ Endocrine (Hormonal) Therapy for Breast Cancer and
7/ Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

Once translated they will also be able to be viewed online at:

Thank you for your support!
Westmead BCI Director Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan