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🎗 Where your donations go!

🎗Thank you to all the riders and sponsors who helped raise much-needed funds on the 2017 Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride.

For more details visit the 2017 event page.

Monies raised at the event will be used to purchase new equipment for the breast cancer treatment clinic, and aid ongoing research at the BCI.

This year for our 18th event your generous donations will assist
Westmead BCI in achieving the following; 

"Firstly one of the new initiatives and areas where we are growing in BCI is to increase our research output. As a group we will only engage in research that will be of direct and immediate benefit to our patients, and provide tests that they would not need to pay extra for (given most of our patients are not wealthy).

Basically we are asking for funds this year to contribute to research and specifically a biobank.
What is a biobank?

As you know we see many patients at BCI and many of these patients will have biopsies during and prior to their treatment. Patients and tissue samples are very important for breast cancer research, and many patients are very happy and willing to contribute samples of their tumour tissue for research (especially if they are already having a biopsy and surgery anyway).

The problem is that we have no systematic way to catalogue, store and collect data on these patients at the moment, and this is limiting our ability to do research.

In a meeting of all the BCI doctors we decided that this was something that was really needed, for BCI to be at the cutting edge of research, and this would be a worthy cause for PRR.

So a biobank is essentially:

1. A storage facility for breast tissue samples (so a special freezer)
2. A database to catalogue and collect information on the patients
3. Consumables to collect and store the tissue ie containers, biopsy equipment

As to what research can be done…well we have already started thinking of areas of need to address the problems seen in the multidisciplinary meetings such as identifying low risk breast cancer and in situ carcinoma that can safely avoid treatment. As you know you have funded the first part of these studies with the gene expression profiles, to extend this study we need to find low cost alternatives for our patients, and designing these studies will be greatly benefited by a dedicated biobank."
Westmead BCI director Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan