The Official Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride
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πŸŽ— Cynthia - Survivor

My Story πŸŽ—

No one wants to hear those words, β€˜You have Cancer’ however this is how it pans out when you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was Diagnosed with Multifocal BC on 14th December 2006, after experiencing a pain in the right breast, lo and behold, the breast cancer was in the left. After my first surgery, 5 days before Christmas, which located 11 tumours, the decision to proceed with a bilateral (double) mastectomy was made (a very confronting decision)… Second Surgery in January 2007 located another 8 tumours, so I was very fortunate that the cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes.

I commenced chemotherapy 3 weeks after my surgery for 4 long months, then 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

Finally finished all my treatment in August 2007.

I then proceeded with Reconstruction in Feb 2009.

What I have experienced through this whole roller-coaster ride that we call cancer, is that you can have your good days and your bad days, friends will come and go… but through it all, you learn that there is no rhyme or reason why we get cancer.

God doesn’t give it to you to punish you or make you learn lessons, it’s just bad things happen.

Those of us who survive this disease live with the knowledge that yes, we may have beaten it, but there are also others that haven’t, and have to live with this chronic disease every day.

We participate in The Pink Ribbon Ride to raise funds for The Breast Cancer Institute at Westmead, which directly assists women who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.