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🎗 2018 Suggested Ride Route

🎗 Take part in the group ride (official start 10am at The Ettamogah Kellyville Ridge)
or sit back and enjoy a leisurely ride at your own pace.
🎗 You can choose your own route if you like, be sure to return to The Ettamogah by 2pm 
for our presentation and for the afternoon festivities, Major Raffle Draw and Prizes*! 
*You must be present at The Ettamogah at our 2pm presentation to win a prize other than Major Raffle.
🎗 Take part in the 'trivia' quiz on the day with questions starting and finishing  at The Ettamogah
and at our checkpoint at Wisemans Ferry where you can get a snack or a drink for the return trip
from our Checkpoint Sponsor 
Retro Rosie
🎗 Great prizes to win* and we even have a 'wooden spoon' award! 
*You must be present at The Ettamogah at our 2pm presentation to win a prize other than Major Raffle. 

🎗 Suggested ride route will be provided in your registration pack on the day,
(approx. round trip 2 hrs not including stops or traffic).

Suggested ride route: 


With Thanks also to The Convict Road Kiosk at our
Wisemans Ferry Checkpoint.