The Official Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride
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πŸŽ— Where your donations go!


Β πŸŽ—In 2021 funds raised will assist Westmead Breast Cancer Institute to provide:

  • State-of-the-art digital breast screening facilities across Western Sydney
  • Supportive care program for women affected by breast cancer
  • Development of educational resources for patients and health professionals
  • Education for health professionals including breast care nurses to provide specialized care
  • Provision of the latest evidence based clinical services for the diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Research into optimising treatment selection, surgical techniques, diagnostic methods and translational research

Key areas of expenditure this year:

Towards Audio Visual Equipment upgrade for the multidisciplinary meeting room where all clinical specialities, nursing, allied health and researchers meet to discuss the management and diagnosis of breast cancer patients. Every patient is discussed at one of these meetings to ensure that they receive the highest standard and most up to date clinical care, have access to allied health professionals and clinical trials for those who are eligible. These meeting require review of imaging, pathology slides, and teleconferencing facilities which require an update of the old existing technology to Β the latest AV technology.


πŸŽ—Β In 2020 the Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride donation assisted Westmead BCI in smoothing the pathway for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

From patient feedback BCI found providing a
'On-boarding Intro Package' would help women (and men) deal with the challenges and initial breast cancer journey with BCI.

The intro package includes;

  • A diary - for appointments and medication records etc.
  • A notebook - for question and journey notes
  • Information sheets
  • Moisturising creams/lotions to assist with radiation therapy
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitiser
  • A shawl - for comfort
"A BIG thank you! It helps us a LOT, but in the end, it helps the patients"!Β 
Westmead BCI Director Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan

Virtual Fundraising for our 2020 Virtual Event!

    Thank you for your support!
    Westmead BCI Director Associate Professor Nirmala Pathmanathan